Meeting/Studying Agent for Mobile phone
Store recognized users, meeting content/courses (speech to text), automatically generate meeting report (based on agent cognitive memory,
Content retrieval at anytime, with translation in multi languages)

Recording Screenshots

Personal Agent for Mobile phone
Speaks in Natural language, Stores contextual events, Fusions situations & Recalls any information to user (based on agent cognitive memory). Fully embedded AI, no required connection (cloud for sharing knowledge only)!

Vocally query the agent about personal events or meeting report

WittyCare Agent for Mobile Phone
Helps old people & disabled to go home, to call family/helpers/doctors, to take medecine, reminder (based on agent cognitive memory)

WittyCare Screenshots

Agent Board for Automotive, Drone, Train, Plane
Electronics Agent board APIs with its embedded safety electronic allow you to manage: Car Sharing, OBD Diagnostic, Lights, Windows, Locks, Heater, Cooler, Electric cars Battery Management Systems (BMS), Steering by wire, Powertrain, Multimedia and Display Systems, Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), MobileEye, Self Driving Cars, and so on