Our toolbox can make you create incredible living things. Our Cognitive Agent suite is free software because we really want a developers community happy to use and help us to succeed. We think this toolbox will help you to make true embedded artificial intelligence projects by capitalizing and fully exploiting your expert knowledge. This knowledge can be distributed on several specific agents. These agents have the abilities to store knowledge, reason and communicate with each others in order to achieve your goal. For IOT, Robotics and other hardware products, we have added a prototyping ready-for-production Agent Electronic Board. So, you may deploy your agent into a PC, a mobile, on private or public Cloud, or any hardware (electronic) project, vehicle, machine or robot. For more details or documentation, contact us!

Cognitive Agent Suite

• Multi-Agents Project Manager & Compiler (brainstorming & development platform)

• Agent Memory Manager (cognitive memory for multimodal storage, retrieval & replay, very powerful part of the agent)

• Domains Knowledge Base & Api (Automative, Electric, Self Driving, …)

• Agent Operating System (code for Agent Board & Cloud Computing)

Agent on Chip for Prototyping, Ready for Production

• Industrial Electronics Board for embbeded intelligence (hardware control, communication, storage, multimodality, ISO 26262 safety).

• Little 8x11cm. Powerfull.