WITTY KNOWLEDGE is a french startup building software and hardware to model intelligent agents. Launched in 2013 by Serge LECOINTE, CEO and Sebastien DOURLENS, President and CTO, Most of our technology comes from long efforts of research and development.

WITTY KNOWLEDGE works on Intuitive Human-Machine Interaction and Intelligence Modelling in a more simple and natural way.

Free licenses are offered. So Communities (developers and users) and Shared intelligence (situations and reasoning knowledge, job code API) are more valuable and profitable for us than reseling data for marketing purpose. We want an equitable and deep link betwen us and our partners.

Our technology is diruptive: The agent is fully embedded into your mobile or your electronic board (IOT, Robotics). No need connection to a server or GAFA clouds. It means our AI is fully embedded and require less power and memory.

Your data and events stay safe, private and local. If you need, you can even store, backup or share your agent\’s memory with our cloud, none of your data will be sold.

These agents are composed of a knowledge base (the agent\’s cognitie memory), a powerful inference engine directly based on natural language and multimodal events (audio, video, picture, text, gesture), language can be automatically translated. If you use our toolbox to design your agent, you don\’t need to program one line of code! Natural language don\’t require transformation but if you need, our OWL generator tool can be used to extract words and generate frames (XML or JSON).

For IOT or hardware developers, the agent can be burnt into our agent electronic board, an 8x11cm industrial board (+5V to 60V, 10A, -40°C to +80°C), ready for prototyping and for production. It includes safety (ISO 26262). Based on a SAM3X8E, standard ports are available (CAN, COM, AUDIO,2 DAC, 8 I/O, 8 ADC, SPI, 2 PWM with dissipator, 2 USB, 1 USB Host, 1 ETHERNET). Sleep mode consumes only 1 uA. It is Arduino IDE and ATMEL Studio compatible. This technology has been tested on real industrial applications.