Witty Knowledge Agent Board

An industrial prototype & production ready board !



v1.0 – Prototypes, v1.1 – Optimized Prototypes, v1.2 – Production, v1.3 – Compact Production, v1.4 –aluminium case PCB

We can produce tuned versions with protection resistors adjusted to your voltages/currents, in particular for the reading of your PWM voltages/currents. There is a serial number on the « power » main board and a serial number on the “microcontroller” core board.


WK Agent board is an electronic board industrial and hardened AllInOne, unique on the embedded market, it contains a 32-bits microcontroller, lots of static memory, all types of connectivity (CAN, ETHERNET, SERIAL, SPI, USB), power electronics with 2 air cooled PWM and professional 12V I/O minifit connectors (v1.3) and a IP65 IP68 aluminium case version (1.4). A set of protection components ensures programmable functional safety. The core (microcontroller and memory) can be replaceable and evolutive.

WK agent board allows to quickly realize prototypes and industrial products. It is ATMEL Studio, Keil et Arduino IDE compatible (with Arduino DUE board).

The board is concieved to be casted in resin (v1.3), specific for heat evacuation and IP protection.


J1 to J6 connectors are professional standard Molex MiniFit. Cables are 1 mm² 16 AWG.

Technical Specifications

Temperatures rangefrom -40 to +85°C (Automotive, Industrial)
Dimensions11.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 1.5 cm
Fixings4x screws (plastic or metal) or 4 FIR according to your application
Input source12V to 60Vcc (100V protection) Core board can work alone on USB port +5V source Maximum Current: VBatt 12V 60A, 24V 30A, 48V 15A Power source connectors are fitted Wurth, no welding (v1.3 board).
Regulated Output VoltagesGND, 3.3V 1.8A, 5V 2A, 12V 2.5A, Vbattery, Vusb
Consumption1.3 µA (standby mode), 400 mA
Microcontroller  ATMEL SAM3X8E (ARM Cortex M3 AT91 Architecture) LFBGA 144 pins http://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/en/ATsam3x8e
ModesNormal, Standby, Waiting, Backup
Microcontroller Internal Components
9x 32-bits timers with calendar and alarm 2x 16-bits PWM Controllers to control 2 drives or 4 power outputs (2 H-Bridge are embedded on the board with heatsink) 2x quadrature encoders 1x datetime and 1 timer working on standby mode (to wakeup uC) 1x integrated DMA
1x Ethernet MAC layer (MII, RMII)
2x CAN controllers with 8 mailboxes
1x random number generator
Internal memory: 512 KB Flash, 96 KB SRAM, 16 KB ROM, 1 SRAM NFC 4 KB
1x 8-bit HSMCI slot for external memory (soldered on-board)
Clock Frequency84 MHz
Added Static Memory1x SD memory/eMMC 5.1/HSMCI 8-bits transfer: 8 GB Sandisk SDINBDG4 (16 GB to 64 GB on-demand)
Debug2x JTAG bus (1×10 bits, 1×4 bits) light connector, SAM BA connector & TEST Mode on Core board
Development Software SafetyC,C++ Languages, any compilers (MISRA C/ISO 26262 Safety compliant)
EnvironmentArduino IDE 1.8.x and +, ATMEL Studio 7.0 and +
OS:Witty OS (WK Semantic Agent), FreeRTOS (ARM), None (main loop)
MCU ProgrammingSerial USB via FTDI (windows/mac/BOSSA drivers) or JTAG (Sam ICE). Erase/Reprogramming directly on connector
Networking10/100 Mbits/s Ethernet PHY layer, 3 LEDs (Activity, Link, Speed)
Direct Access Ports2x CAN bus (embedded amplifiers, 120 ohms resistor and transformers) 2x Serial Com (+/-15V) with MAX3232 (additional light connector for +3.3V on main board) 2x USB 2.0 high speed bus, 1 OTG (usb host) 2x 12-bits Audio outputs with 3W amplifier, Volume management & switch 2x DAC (digital-analogic converters) 1x SPI Bus 2 PWM (L6201PS) or 4 power outputs with screwed dissipator, two possible voltage: +12V (limited current) or Vbattery=12V to 60V (choice is made by soldering 2x 0 ohm resistors at the back of the board)
Connectors TypeMOLEX Mini-Fit (V1.3 board). See next section for V1.4 board
Outputs16x 12V Read/Write Inputs/Outputs 12x 12-bits Analogic-Numeric Converters (Read), they can wake up the microcontroller
Hardware Safety controlled by microcontroller8 ST VN5160S power control diagnostic on I/O (information directly read on the microcontroller by scanning or interruption). The 2 PWM are linked to two Analogic numeric converters to control the current.
Free provided driversExternal RFID MFRC522 on SPI, external GPS on COM port, external Temperature and Humidity DHT11 on COM/SPI port, Web/Android Display with WK Screen/USB Host software, SD FAT32 for storage in eMMC, USB Serial, USB HOST, Timer, Watchdog, CAN BUS, RS232 Serials, PWM, Stereo Audio, All or nothing output with protection & diagnostic, accelerometers, N/A converters, A/N converters, interruptions, reset, RTC, SatCom, Erase lock, Memory & flash modification, External Bluetooth shield, External WIFI shield, DMA use, Ethernet software (IP,ICMP,UDP, NTP), External LIN, External GSM, External LORA & IOT.
Android Screen (Extension)WK SCREEN is an Android application which offers a multiwindows display for WK board and a Web management console (HMI) via Serial USB OTG cable, it works on Android tablet & smartphone.
Wiring (on demand extension)Wires and fuses are in option. use Minifit 16 AWG

Aluminum Case – Versions 1.3 & 1.4

Version 1.3 contains 1 PCB and can be embedded into a 56 pins aluminium case

Version 1.4 contains 1 PCB equivalent to two V1.3 WK boards with 121 or 154 pins with automotive aluminum case

Version 1.3 – 56 pins IP 65, IP 68 -40 ℃ to 200℃Version 1.4 – 121/154 pins IP65, IP68 -40°C to 200°C

TUV, T/S16949, ISO14001, RoHS compliance

Power Source

Documentation, Drivers, Use Cases

Documents, Tests and use cases videos of the board are available.

Drivers and Libraries are available for free after purchasing board.

Specific Automotive or Industrial applications are available on-demand.

Training or ou une prestation d’accompagnement est possible sur demande.

Contact us if you need our WK Development Platform:

  • Multi Agents Design and “Agent Memory” Knowledge Representation Software (Windows, Android, Web and Cloud Stacks)
  • Witty Agent Realtime OS for WK Agent Board or Virtual Agents Cloud
  • Witty Compiler to transfer WK OS, inference engine and your knowledge into WK Agent Boards


Version 1.3 Prototyping, Development & Testing, can be resined, AL case for specific applications (56 pins aluminum case)

Version 1.4 contains 1 PCB equivalent to two WK board V1.3 with 121/154 pins with automotive aluminum case

Quantity per year0-100101-10001000-50005000-10000
V1.3 production board + case 56 pins (1 uc, 2 CAN, 8 GB, 2 USB, 16 I/O)500€450€300€350€
V1.4 production modules + case 121/154 pins (2 uc, 4 CAN, 16 GB, 4 USB, 32 I/O)800€700€600€500€


Quantity per year0-100101-10001000-50005000-10000
manufacturing & testing delay + 48h DHL Airplane1 week 8 weeks12 weeks20 weeks

Delay : 1000 pieces by 2 months (8 weeks) from start.


Witty Knowledge was funded in 2013 in order to bring original industrial and reliable solutions to save development time and functional safety. We develop hardware and software products to be embedded into our WK board, smartphone, vehicle or robot. With our IA modeling platform (hardware and software), you can store expert knowledge. You are able to develop your projects or solutions more quickly as most of the software and the board are ready for production.



Technical informationCEO
Sébastien DOURLENS
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